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Movement Breath Intention
Easy & Fun!!!

Take a Deep Dive into the Metal Element

Autumn is the Season of Metal in Chinese Medicine
Lungs and Large Intestines
Learn how to enliven these organs as well as gently release whatever may be ready to be released increasing Qi Flow!

Learn about
Five Element Theory and how the Elements
Correspond to the organs, emotions, seasons, directions ,body parts, sound, colour and more …

Qigong has been practice for five thousand years in China. It promotes health, well-being, body awareness and cultivates balance and flow within the body and mind.

In each class we will learn to ground and connect to the Earth and Heavens
Warm ups
Cleanse and Regulate the Body
Breathwork and Meditations to further enliven our practice during this hour
Leave feeling Fantastic!

Tuesday evenings 5:30-6:30 PM
September 26th, October 3rd,10th,17th and 24rth
info@kahlena.com or register @Kahlena.com

3120 Highland Blvd., North Vancouver, BC V7R2X6
A graduate of the Empty Mountain Institute
She has been practicing Qigong since 2002

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