Kahlena Movement Studio

Kahlena Movement Studio is founded by Karen Kobel as a welcoming place where people of all levels can come together to explore, grow and laugh together. Our studio provides the space from which you can build your exercise regime one class at a time in a supportive environment. We celebrate your victories and encourage you in moments of doubt. While pilates, dance and yoga are serious disciplines, when incorporated into your regular exercise routine, it can bring joy, balance and inner peace in your life.

Improve Flexibility

Improved flexibility through exercise provides effortless, ease of movement in a pain-free manner throughout your day.

Better Bone Heath

Specific yoga poses can build bone mass for persons with low bone density.

Build Muscle Strength

Muscle burns many more calories at rest than fat, so the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism.

A Balanced Metabolism

A healthy metabolism regulates hormone balance and allows for increased calorie burn.

Breathe. Move. Unleash!

The top 3 things I feel:  like I have had a good toned workout, peaceful, energized. Why I come? Friendly, welcomed, and I love to move and enjoy the music you choose!

Yoga & Dance Student

Last summer I was suffering from chronic low back pain related to an unstable SI joint. Within 3 weeks – Karen took me from being unable to jog or even sit comfortably on a couch to participating in full contact rugby practices! Karen was instrumental in getting me back on the rugby field! I would recommend this to anyone with back issues! Or anyone looking to improve the way your body balances and functions.

Yoga Student

The top 3 Things I love about dance class – another perfect “Karen” class! – so looking forward to the next one! – damn I feel good! AND choose Karen’s dance class because: I try different classes in search of the perfect one and you are it girl! You create a welcoming atmosphere with a blend of physical, emotional, mental challenges that leaves me with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I thrive on your warm-up, thrill at your choice of music(each and every piece)and screw up on choreography with a desire to keep trying. Your blend of friendliness, professionalism complements your outstanding skill as a dance instructor.

Dance Student

Top 3 things that come to my mind or how I feel after one of your classes…..gratitude, ahhhhhhhhhh, renewed… for all of these reasons, I enjoy coming to your classes. What’s also true is that I feel sore!

Yoga Student