Karen Kobel

Meet Karen, founder, and experienced instructor at Kahlena. With a BFA in Dance Performance from East Carolina University, Karen has been dancing for a lifetime and teaching for the past 30 years.

Karen’s unique and fulfilling teaching style of dance, pilates and yoga allows her clients minds and bodies to connect to the present moment in an enriching and safe environment where true transformation can take place. Karen’s classes are more than just physical fitness that enhances core strength, flexibility, and agility, she helps clients connect to their inner “wonder” to feel more balanced, grounded, and restored in all areas of wellness.

Karen’s love for movement extends beyond her classes and into energetics providing healing in a group setting through powerful and restorative sound bath healing experiences. Karen creates a sacred and energetic container collaborating with other like-minded healers in the community, to bring an extra layer of connection and positive vibration.

Outside of the studio, Karen’s love extends to all those that surround her including her family, daughter, and husband. She believes in love, joy and peace and constantly looks at ways to inspire and help others to unlock their inner healing through connection and self-discovery.

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Formal Training and Certifications

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Majoring in Dance – East Carolina University

Simonson Certified Dance Instructor

Stott Certified Pilates Instructor

CI Training Certified Instructor

Costa Yoga Certified

Reiki Master Practitioner – Level 1&2

Sound Bowl Healer – Life Changing Energy