Originally from Toronto, Jessie has been teaching yoga for 2 years and
practicing for 13. She was inspired to teach yoga through her own
journey to bring more mindful control and strength to her flexible
nature. With the Yandara Institute in Hawaii, she obtained her YT200 and
Reiki Level 1. Jessie is a Certified Nutrition Practitioner, and works
to educated others on the healing powers of proper nutrition, lifestyle
and emotional/mental balance. Jessie taught yoga in the schooling
system, empowering children and teachers to fall back in touch with
their hearts, minds and bodies. Jessie teaches with an emphasis on the
heart, and discovering flow state, when we align ourselves with the
meditative journey of the practice. She balances proper alignment,
connection with breathe and Hatha postures with meditation, to guide the
body back into harmony.