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A fun class full of poses including handstands and shoulder stands. The kids will cover some yoga anatomy about their different systems and meditations. They will gain tools that help them quiet and strengthen the body and mind while exploring how both the body and mind are so connected and have no boundaries. The class includes yoga stories, songs, health science, and arts and crafts related to yoga.

Menka Purswaney recently moved to Vancouver from Hong Kong where she spent many years teaching Kids Yoga and North Indian Classical Dance. Her Kids Yoga classes are lots of fun and educational. Kids go home telling parents “calm breath, calm mind…shaky breath, shaky mind” and “if you twist, your intestines will digest your food better”. Her kid’s yoga classes include lots of poses while they learn anatomy, mindfulness, and meditation through stories, song and art. Her dance style, Kathak comes from the North of India and while it’s a technical dance form, it conveys many beautiful stories through dance. Fun fact about Menka: She’s pent lingual -she speaks Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, Sindhi and English!

September 11th – December 11th, 2023
4:00 – 5:00pm
$275 + tax
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