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Add to your kids evening activities the one that will help them develop
their emotional intelligence and will give them tools for life.

This is a fun workshop that ANY kid can take! By creating a friendly and
respectful atmosphere where kids feel confortable enough to talk about
their emotions, they realize that they are not the only ones feeling
certain emotions and this helps them in their process of developing

The size of the group is small (8 kids) this way your kids will get the
attention they need.

Each week parents will have the information of the topic that we worked
so we can work as a team and achieve better results.

Workshop topics:
– exploring and naming different emotions
– pleasant and unpleasant emotions
– recognition of emotions in myself and in others
– understanding and expressing emotions
– intensity of emotions
– dealing with emotions
– self regulation and self control techniques to use at home.

All of these will be through circle time, role playing, literary
circles, videos, movement and play. This way, kids learn and develop
their emotional intelligence in a fun and dynamic way!

Please feel free to email Vanessa directly with any questions or concerns in regards to this workshop:

About Vanessa:
Vanessa Prigollini comes to us from Mexico and has been here in Canada for quite some time developing her educational programs and working with families to help in raising emotional intelligent children.
Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Bachelor Degree in Preschool Education,
Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Diploma in Play Therapy,
several courses in Social Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Rainbow
Yoga, Music Therapy, Sensory Integration, amongst others. 17 years of
experience working with kids, parents and schools.

Ages: 4 to 7
March 31st – June 9th
Tuesdays 5:50pm – 6:50 pm
10 classes $250 + tax

Ages: 8 to 10
March 31st – June 23rd
Tuesdays 6:50 – 7:50pm
13 classes $325 + tax