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Friday July 26th
Workshop 1:00 pm-3:30 pm
$60 + tax
In Depth Study –  Coming Home:  Presence, awareness and work with the thought patterns beneath.
This workshop will first discuss the theory behind the meridian tapping technique called EFT and will then allow time and space for participants to practice reconnecting with themselves to increase awareness,  exploration of limiting beliefs, and finally allow time for practicing the EFT technique independently (either related to the previous themes discussed or tailored to participants own interests.)
Friday  July 26th
Sacred Dance Class 4:00 pm-6:00 pm
$20 + tax
This dance will highlight the theme of coming home to one’s body (being present with one’s self), of reconnecting with self by (re) inhabiting / (re) embodying the physical body from a state of awareness of one’s inner landcape. Dancers will work within their own body’s wisdom, at their own pace in this guided class. Dancers need no previous experience to take this class, all levels are welcome. Participants are encouraged to bring a journal for note-taking and self-reflection during wrap up and integration, and are to wear comfortable clothing.
Juanita Hufnagel is an international lecturer, teacher, writer, cook, and health and wellness professional currently working and living in Cusco Peru. She uses an integrative approach that focuses on the whole being via  disciplines such as relaxation and meditation, EFT, Sacred Dance, and Reiki.
Juanita joins us at Kahlena Movement Studio this summer and fall for a series of lecture nights, EFT workshops, and sacred dance classes on various themes, as well as Reiki 1 & 2 certification training. These engagements are open to the public but space is limited. Contact us at …… for more information and to reserve your seat for these healing offerings.
About her work:
Juanita works to assist clients to break through limiting belief systems, and to manage the effect of stress and tension on the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies.  She has worked with University of Calgary and the Universidad de Costa Rica as a lecturer, teacher and dance instructor. She is a self-proclaimed: Wellness Warrior, Rule Breaker, Experimenter Extremus, Taste Advocate, and Kitchen Witch who has lovingly dubbed her kitchen “The Laboratory.”
More of her wellness programs, humorous and slightly self-depreciating musings, Laboratory recipes, potty-mouthed epiphanies, and inglorious rants can be seen on her soon-to be-launched site: twistedtummy.com.